Workshop success

Due to the success of some of our recent workshops we are hoping to apply for government funding to make this a regular session for kids in the Hampshire area.

Every time we do a workshop the people involved come away with the following:

  • Enjoyment - everyone loves trying something new and exciting.
  • Team building - we get the participants to work with each other to try and progress their skills on Pro Jumps.
  • Confidence - It is a big achievement to be able to walk on Pro Jumps, one which takes confidence to let go of the instructor and do on your own, this definitely helps build a childs confidence throughout the session.
  • Physical Activity - fitness is a key element in Pro Jumping once you have the basics down, it will also start to use muscles in your body that other activities do not.
  • New skills - Every participant will leave the session knowing they have learnt new skills, which they can then apply outside of the workshop.
 It is the combination of the above and the unique activity involved that makes our workshops so popular. If you are interested then please contact us .