Pro Jump 101 Stormed Northern Ireland

Pro Jump 101 was sent to Northern Ireland to perform for the Dairy Council at the Northern Ireland MILK cup.

On their arrival the Pro Jump team hit the Northern Ireland beach for a photo shoot which would then appear in 6 of Northern Ireland top news papers. Following this the team were sent to the Semi Finals for the milk cup to entertain hundreds of football fan. Starting with a pre game entertainment, showing the crowd the daring stunts being performed not to mention doing them in rainy conditions.

The Pro Jump team then took centre stage in the half time slot performing a bounce off with all 3 members throwing down back to back tricks, ending with the highest front flip competition with the aid of a stretcher to show the height and getting the crowd involved after ending with a ridicule height of nearly 2 meters.

After the semis the team were sent to Colerain show grounds to perform for the Finals of the milk cup, speaking to 3 of the top Northern Ireland radio stations and even getting a few Northern Ireland celebrities on the stilts like Miss Northern Ireland.