• Pro Jump 101 on Justin's House

    6th November 2012

    Ian Jamieson (also known as Star Jumper) has spent two days with the BBC in Manchester to perform for C Beebies kids TV programme called Justin's House.

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  • Pro Jump 101 Gym Meet

    17th October 2011

    Pro Jump 101 will be holding a meet in Portsmouth for all abilities and ages

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  • Pro Jump 101 at The Smart Festival

    5th September 2011

    Mercedes hold an annual festival to show off the top Smart Cars in the country.

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  • Spring into a new sport with Pro Jump 101

    20th August 2011

    The local news heard about our weekly Pro Jump lessons and decided to promote us in the paper.

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  • Pro Jump 101 to Entertain at Urban Lifestyles festival in Derbyshire

    18th August 2011

    Pro Jump 101 have been asked to put on a show celebrating urban active lifestyles at a designer outlet based in North Derbyshire / Nottinghamshire.

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  • Pro Jump 101 in Monaco

    18th August 2011

    Pro Jump 101 have been hired to entertain the crowd at the UEFA football game in Monaco on Friday 26th August.

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  • Powerbocking Lessons for the Celebrities on Famous and Fearless

    24th December 2010

    Ian Jamieson from Pro Jump 101 has been teaching various celebrities to powerbock for upcoming TV show, Famous and Fearless.

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  • Workshops in Petersfield on 5th December 2010

    25th November 2010

    Our much loved Pro Jump workshops are starting at the Taro in Petersfield on 5th Decemeber 2010.

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  • Pro Jump 101 on The Slammer

    1st July 2010

    CBBC Kids TV programme, "The Slammer" asked Pro Jump 101 to put on a show for the kids.

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  • Pro Jump 101 featured in The News

    3rd November 2009

    To help promote charity, Pro Jump 101 were featured in a three page article in their local news paper.

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  • Workshop success

    28th October 2009

    Due to the success of recent workshops, we are now trying to make a regular session.

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  • Pro Jump 101 Stormed Northern Ireland

    5th August 2009

    Pro Jump 101 Stormed Northern Ireland and stunned the crowd at the NI MILK CUP

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  • Success at a Private Corporate Event

    21st July 2009
  • Ian Jamieson's new sampler

    16th July 2009

    A sampler showing what Ian has done over the past year or so. Including tricking, bocking and even a Guinness World Record.

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  • Pro Jump 101 are going to Ireland's Milk Cup

    26th May 2009

    For the first time in Northern Ireland, Pro Jump 101 are putting on a demonstration for the youth football tournament, Milk Cup.

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  • Pro Jump 101 In China

    25th May 2009

    John from Pro Jump 101 Travelled to China Beijing to defend his Guinness World Record...........

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