Ian and John helping the kids get their stilts on Pro Jumping is the act of jumping, running and performing tricks with elastic-like spring-loaded stilts. For some it is an extreme sport, for others it is a form of exercise or even a means of artistic expression.

Pro Jump 101 hold classes around the UK for anyone to come along and see what it is all about, even if you don't own a pair and have always wanted to try them before you buy them.


Ian helping him to bounce on Pro Jumps You will go from learning the basics of maintaining your balance and walking around and then apply these skills to more advanced techniques of running and bouncing. We even give you a chance to learn how to stand up from the ground, which can be quite tricky (and also quite funny to watch) when you haven't tried it before. We can take you through the simple techniques to do this correctly.

Once you have learnt the basics, if you decide to come regurlarly then we can move onto to learning more advanced tricks and skills that we do.

For all enquiries, please contact us.